Here is why you should: Utilise our Digital Solutions to Save Time!

#1 Digital Leases

Have your tenants access and sign their lease directly from their mobile device with our digital leases. The completed lease is automatically emailed to the tenants, landlords and other selected recipients. Fully brand your digital leases as you create, review and send in seconds!

#2 Utility Connections

Property Space Connect allows your tenants to compare, choose and sign up to utility plans right on their phone, straight after signing their digital leases. Creating a seamless digital process for tenants and a potentially higher conversion rate and commission for your agency.

#3 Integrations with

At Property Space we integrate seamlessly with software providers to make your job easier, minimising double and manual data entry! Offering an automated solution to your lease process by prefilling tenancy information so you can send digital leases and forms in seconds.

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