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Developed by the same team that brought you Inspection Manager, Property Space is streamlining your Property Management tasks and getting you closer to the dream of a paperless office. Designed to streamline the rental process for both Agencies and tenants with digital solutions for every step of tenancy.

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Our Releases

Over the Years

Paperless Ingoings Released
  • No more printing! Complete, sign and send ingoing condition reports direct from your mobile device
Built Tenant Assisted Inspection in response to COVID19
  • Lockdown can’t get in your way! Complete routine inspections without needing to visit a property with the assistace of your tenant
Beta Release of NSW Leases
  • Beta Testing of New Digital Leases Feature – Another step towards a truely paperless office
General Release of NSW Leases
  • A Paperless Office is in reach! Create, review and send digital leases in seconds then tenants can access and sign their lease agreement from their device
Launch of NSW Connections
  • Less Work for You, and Increased Conversion & Commissions! Tenants can compare, choose and sign up to utility plans right on their phone, straight after signing their digital leases
Single Sign On Integration with Inspection Manager
  • One less login to worry about! Automatically login to your Inspection Manager account when you login to Property Space
Launch of Vic & Qld Leases & Connections in Beta
  • Digital Leases Footprint expands! Testing of Digital Leases for QLD & VIC Offices
Launch of Additional Forms: Rent Review & Termination Notices
  • You asked & we listened. More forms included into our intuitive and easy to use digital delivery & sign off system
Vic & Qld to General Release for Leases, Connections & Forms
  • Agencies in VIC & QLD are now part of the dream – the dream of a paperless office!
Integration with Property Tree
  • Automate your lease process and pull all the information you need to send your digital lease in seconds
Agencies Dashboard
  • Know Your Numbers! The dashboard displays your lease and TAI stats along with the status of your ingoing inspections
NSW MAA Beta Release
  • Ask and ye shall receive! NSW exclusive Managing Agency Agreement Form is in Beta
Maintenance Form Beta Release
  • Simplifying communication & making sure you get the right info! Tenants can send maintenance requests from their tenant portal including area and issue description along with supporting photos